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Key Technical Reports Developed Under OTD Sponsorship

In addition to the development of new tools, processes, and products, OTD supports research that results in useful information on various aspects related to gas delivery and operations.


OTD reports and software applications are available for sale from Technical Toolboxes. You can view a free preview of the reports here but if you would like to purchase you will be redirected to Technical Toolboxes' website when you click the "Purchase Now" link.


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Reports for Sale 


Repair Wrap for Polyethylene (PE) Systems
OTD Project Number: 2.14.a
Document Number: OTD-17/0001
Pagination: 50p
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Free Preview of report OTD-17/0001 (pdf 120 KB)


Establishment of Yield Strength Using Sub-Size Samples without Gas Line Shutdown, Phase 2
(Mini, full-Wall Longitudinal Specimens)

OTD Project Number: 4.7.g
Document Number: OTD-13/0005
Pagination: 104p
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Free Preview of report OTD-13/0005​ (pdf 120 KB)


Leak Rupture Boundary Calculator and Training Manual, and Final Report
OTD Project Number: 4.9.a
Document Number: OTD-13/0002 and OTD-13/0004
Pagination: training manual in pdf format 35p; and Final Report in pdf format, 136 pages
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Free Preview of report OTD-13/0004​ (pdf 101 KB)


Residential Methane Gas Detector Testing Program
OTD Project Number: 1.9.h
Document Number: OTD-13/0003
Pagination: 29 pages
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Free Preview of report OTD-13/0003​ (pdf 198 KB)


Intelligent Utility Installation Process
OTD Project Number: 5.11.m
Document Number: OTD-12/0002
Pagination: 58p
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Free Preview of report OTD-12/0002​ (pdf 171 KB)


Ignition Testing of Electronic Devices
OTD Project Number: 5.11.w
Document Number: OTD-12/0001
Pagination: 27p
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Free Preview of report OTD-12/0001​ (pdf 268 KB)


Guided Wave Equivalency to a Hydrotest
OTD Project Number: 4.8.a
Document Number: OTD-11/0001
Pagination: 86p
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Free Preview of report OTD-11/0001 (pdf 81 KB)


50 to 70 Year Maintenance-Free Pipeline Coatings for Critical Locations
OTD Project Number: 2.5.b
Document Number: OTD-10/0001
Pagination: 214p
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Free Preview of report OTD-10/0001 (pdf 231 KB)


Literature Review for "Elemental Sulfur" Deposits in Natural Gas Transmission Pipelines
OTD Project Number: 2.7.h
Document Number: OTD-09/0001
Pagination: 92p
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Free Preview of report OTD-09/0001 (pdf 252 KB)


Evaluation of Flowable Fill Around Buried Pipes
OTD Project Number: 3.aa
Document Number: OTD-07/0004
Part 1 - Executive Summary, 25 pages
Part 2 - Experimental Program, 154 pages
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Free Preview of report OTD-07/0004 (pdf 533 KB)


Natural Gas. Recognizing and Avoiding the Hazards, Volume II: A Training Tool for Emergency Responders
OTD Project Number: 5.a
Document Number: OTD-07/0005
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Free Preview of report OTD-07/0005 (pdf 241 KB)


Underground Facility Pinpointing
OTD Project Number: 1.a
Document Number: OTD-06/0001
Pagination: 257p
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Free Preview of report OTD-06/0001 (pdf 145 KB)


Reducing Riser/Meter Set Corrosion to Lower Lifecycle Cost
OTD Project Number: 4.aa
Document Number: OTD-07/0001
Pagination: 43p
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Free Preview of report OTD-07/0001 (pdf 188 KB)


"Black-Powder" Contamination in the Gas Industry: Survey and Best Practice Manual
OTD Project Number: 2.6.h
Document Number: OTD-07/0002
Pagination: 23p
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Free Preview of report OTD-07/0002 (pdf 86 KB)


Modification of Soil Compaction Measuring Devices for Utility Implementation
OTD Project Number: 3.ee
Document Number: OTD-07/0003
Pagination: 90p
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Free Preview of report OTD-07/0003 (pdf 163 KB)


Free Reports  


Solvent Cleaning and PE Joining Procedures
OTD Project Number: 5.16.a
Document Number: OTD-18/0001
Pagination: 154p
Free Report (pdf 5 MB)
Free 2-page summary report (pdf 142 KB)


Guidelines/Best Practices for Scraping PE Pipe and Fittings
OTD Project Number: 2.14.e
Document Number: OTD-18/0002
Pagination: 114p
Free Report (pdf 4 MB)
Free 2-page summary report (pdf 142 KB)


Evaluation of Meter Set Placement and Clearances
OTD Project Number: 5.15.h
Document Number: OTD-17/0002
Pagination: 73p
Free Report (pdf 5 MB)


Improving Methane Emission Estimates for Natural Gas Distribution Companies, Phase II – PE Pipes
OTD Project Number: 7.10.c
Document Number: OTD-14/0001
Pagination: 64p
Free Report (pdf 5 MB)


Field Measurement Program to Improve Uncertainties for Key Greenhouse Gas Emission Factors for Distribution Sources
OTD Project Number: 7.7.b
Document Number: OTD-10/0002
Pagination: 70p
Free Report (pdf 1.2 MB)


Increase in Design Factor - Phase 3
OTD Project Number: 2.7.l
Free 2-page summary report (pdf 84 KB)


High-Pressure Plastic Pipe Materials
OTD Project Number: 2.c.c
Free 2-page summary report (pdf 1.5 MB)


Developing an ASTM Standard for the Utility Dynamic Cone Penetrometer
OTD Project Number: 3.6.b
Free 2-page summary report (pdf 250 KB)


Evaluation for Impact of "Rework"
OTD Project Number: 2.ff
Free 2-page summary report (pdf 79 KB)


For more information contact Maureen Droessler, maureen.droessler@otd-co.org or 847-768-0608​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​