Keyhole Pipeline Inspection Camera System

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Keyhole Pipeline Inspection Camera System
ULC Robotics


ULC Robotics’ PRX250K Live Gas Main Keyhole Camera Inspection System has been an invaluable resource for some of the largest gas utilities to assist with addressing water ingress, poor pressure issues, locating blockages and other issues involving gas distribution mains up to 12”. This patented live gas main camera system which was designed from the ground-up to provide gas utilities with the highest quality, most cost effective and reliable pipeline inspection possible. The PRX250K contains unique features such as a motor driven cable feeder and self-deploying centering system that provides a high yield on equipment investment as well as faster, more reliable inspections.

Contact: Nathan King
Phone: 631-667-9200

The PRX250 Gas Camera System is covered under U.S. Patent 7,551,197, 8,723,943 and 7,940,297.