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Strengthening North America's Energy Infrastructure

From integrity enhancements to efficiency improvements, OTD developments are providing solutions

to a wide-range of challenges and changes for natural gas delivery systems. New technology is playing a major and necessary role in helping companies address integrity concerns, rising costs, and environmental issues.


We are a member-controlled partnership of natural gas distribution companies formed to develop, test, and implement new technologies. The objective of OTD is to address a wide range of technology issues relating to gas operations and its infrastructure. Our projects are designed to:

  • Enhance system safety

  • Improve operating efficiencies

  • Reduce operating costs

  • Maintain system reliability and integrity


Since 2003, OTD’s collaboration of industry leaders, scientists, technicians, and manufacturers have been charting a course to address integrity issues and other concerns by identifying industry needs and providing focused R&D responses that benefit the natural gas industry and its customers.


By working collaboratively, participating companies leverage funds so no single company is responsible for carrying the entire financial burden. In addition, participants benefit from input from numerous sources, address common regulatory issues, and serve to demonstrate the broad industry support needed to gain the interest of potential product manufacturers.


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